Airflow and microclimate simulations for Rhino and Grasshopper

Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Rhinoceros® 6





Clean and easy-to-use UI for urban wind flow analysis.

Built for real world applications

Add realistic terrain to your simulation setup.

Outdoor thermal comfort

Annual outdoor thermal comfort assessment for climate-responsive masterplanning.

Seamless integration

Post-processing of custom surfaces for Air Flow Network integration into EnergyPlus.

Streamlined simulation setup

Urban turntable for fast outdoor airflow analysis.

Validated simulation engine

Accurate results by using well-established solvers.

Behind the scenes

Meet the people involved in the Eddy3D project


Eddy3D is being developed as a cross-disciplinary project under the collaboration of the Environmental Systems Lab (ES Lab) of the College of Arts, Architecture and Planning (AAP) and the field of Systems Science and Engineering at the College of Engineering at Cornell University.

Led by Dr. Timur Dogan, the ESLab investigates the intersections of architectural design, sustainability, building performance simulation and computational design. They stand for excellence in teaching and research in the area of building technology, daylight and energy modeling, passive climate control strategies and performance driven design workflows in both urban and architectural scales.

Our Supporters

Organizations that have helped us along the way


How to cite us

When using Eddy, we kindly ask to please acknowledge our work by referencing the following article.


Kastner, P., & Dogan, T. (2019). A cylindrical meshing methodology for annual urban computational fluid dynamics simulations. Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 13(1), 59-68.


@article{kastner2019cylindrical, author = "Kastner, Patrick and Dogan, Timur", title = "A cylindrical meshing methodology for annual urban computational fluid dynamics simulations", journal = "Journal of Building Performance Simulation", volume = "13", number = "1", pages = "59--68", year = "2019", publisher = "Taylor \& Francis"}

Contact us

If you would like to ask a question about how to use Eddy, please post your question on the official Rhino forum and tag the post with Eddy. We will be notified about new posts and answer them for everyone there.